HGV driver tests given date to resume in Wales

HGV driving tests can restart in Wales on 3 August, the Welsh Government has confirmed. Driver training for trucks, buses and coaches can resume from 27 July having been suspended since 20 March due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Theory tests will also re-start in Wales on 3 August.

Theory testing has resumed in Northern Ireland on 6 July, but all driver testing remains suspended, while Scotland has yet to confirm when practical testing of any kind will be permitted. Currently only theory tests will resume on 22 July, while motorcycle and tractor practical tests will start from 3 August.

Testing and tuition was also suspended in England at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak but driver tuition was allowed to resume on 4 July along with theory testing. Driving tests for HGVs resumed in England on 13 July.

New engine oil will help stop diesel particulate filter clogging


Texaco has launched a new engine oil which lowers ash build-up and is claimed to mitigate the effects of diesel particulate filter (DPF) clogging on the operating costs of running a truck.

Delo 600 ADF features what Texaco calls Omnimax technology, additives which are designed to prevent the ash build-up which eventually requires fuel- and time-consuming regeneration.

Texaco operator research over the past two months revealed that 67% had experienced emissions problems on Euro-6 engines, with 29% being DPF blockages.

The new lubricant is said to halve the rate of ash build-up, even compared with current low-ash lubricants.

Claimed benefits to operators include up to 3% improvement in fuel consumption by  preventing increased back pressure from blocked DPFs and reducing the fuel used in regeneration, longer intervals, up to 2.5 times as long, between full DPF cleaning intervals, and extended engine oil change intervals.

Delo 600 ADF has also shown significant reductions in engine wear during testing.