Improved driver behaviour a top benefit from fitting camera systems to fleets, reveals new report


Driver behaviour topped the list for operators when it came to improvements found from fitting camera systems to their HGV fleets.

In a recent report compiled by CM and sister title Motor Transport, more than half (56%) picked this as the biggest benefit to their business, followed closely by 47% citing a reduction in incident reporting since installing the technology.

A decline in personal injury claims was next on the list, as was improved fuel economy, reduced incident investigation time and ability to refute false claims.

More than three-quarters of operators surveyed perceived camera technology to bring exceptional value to their organisation.

On a scale of one to five, where one represents no value and five means it is invaluable, the average rating stood at 4.2: A significant 43% scored the technology as five – ‘invaluable’; 33% gave it a high score of four; 22% opted for a middling score of three; 2% rated it a low two; and only 1% found the technology to have no value at all to their business.

However it appears that despite the clear and tangible benefits cited by operators, lowered insurance rates are only offered to around one-third (32%) of those we surveyed, with 41% seeing no benefit from cheaper premiums.

To see the full findings of this insightful survey, which covers topics including Direct Vision Standard, driver-facing technology and future features, download the free Camera white paper today.