Licence suspension for fitting AdBlue device

A Sutton Coldfield haulier which claimed an AdBlue emulator was fitted to one of its vehicles while it was on hire to another company has had its O-licence suspended for a week.

Traffic Commissioner Nicholas Denton said that on the balance of probabilities, Bridmin fitted the device to its lorry and he struggled to see any motivation for Wales Environmental to do so while it was hiring the vehicle. 

The lorry was stopped at the roadside by the DVSA in April 2018 and the emulator was found fitted to it.

At a Birmingham PI, Bridmin said the vehicle had been repaired by a DAF dealer, Imperial Commercials, on 12 March 2018 and no trace of it was found then.

The same vehicle was repaired on 27 March by the same dealer and the AdBlue device was discovered then.

However, Imperial insisted that Bridmin requested it was left in situ – a claim denied by the haulier, which said it must have been fitted between 12 and 27 March, when Wales Environmental had the vehicle on hire.

Imperial depot manager Martin Jones remained adamant that the dealership had spoken to someone at Bridmin who told them to leave the emulator in place.

In his written decision, the TC said: “I struggle to see why Imperial should invent such a claim if it were not true, since Bridmin not Wales Environmental was their regular customer whom they would be unlikely to alienate by making serious but untrue allegations.”

Taking into account Bridmin was otherwise compliant, Denton suspended the licence and said the repute of transport manager David Bridges had been tarnished.

Mercedes' MirrorCam system becomes an unexpected hit with veteran driver


A Mercedes-Benz Actros equipped with the new MirrorCam system has become an unexpected hit with a veteran driver at Mendip Wood Shavings.

Arthur Selway has been driving trucks for more than 40 years but believes that within five years all trucks will have cameras for mirrors.

“MirrorCam is so much better that I can really see these camera-based systems taking off. Give it five years and I reckon all trucks will have them,” Selway said.

Mendip Wood Shavings took delivery of two identical Actros 2545 tractor units with flat-floored BigSpace cabs. Supplied by Rygor Commercials, the trucks also have the StyleLine interior trim package and have been fitted with Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy wheels and hydraulic packs by SB Components.

“I’m getting on really well with MirrorCam,” said 63-year-old Selway. “The visibility is so much better. Gone are the blind spots you get with conventional mirrors, and I can still see even when the sun’s shining directly into the cameras, while I also like the fact that they show the back of the trailer when I turn a corner.”

“The cameras don’t get anything like as dirty as mirrors,” he added. “In fact, they seem to be pretty well self-cleaning, which makes life easier. They don’t stick out as much either – having an extra foot of width on both sides of the truck certainly helped the other day, when I was swopping trailers in a congested part of west London.

 As well as being a fan of the camera system while driving, Selway also says that the system is just as good when parked up. “There’s a security benefit, too. When I’m parked up in a layby for the night and hear someone pull up behind me, I can just hit the button in the back of the cab which activates the cameras, have a nose at what’s going on outside, and reassure myself that there’s nothing to worry about.”