O-licences revoked due to emissions cheat device fitted

Kevin Rooney

EW Gardner & Grandson has had its O-licences revoked and transport managers disqualified after traffic commissioner (TC) for the West Kevin Rooney heard how one of its vehicles had an emissions cheat device fitted.

Rooney said the Bristol haulier, which held O-licences for 30 HGVs and 20 HGVs operating out of Avonmouth and Newport respectively, also had an “appalling” prohibition history and vehicles were not kept fit and serviceable.

A PI in Bristol heard how a DVSA check on one of the firm’s vehicles at Tormarton in 2018 revealed a device thought to be tricking the vehicle’s engine management system into believing the emissions control system was working, when it was not. The TC said drivers had also been convicted of drivers’ hours offences including falsifications, but that most of the offending was at a low to medium level. He added that in two cases it was persistent and serious.

Penalties were issued for overloading and there were indications there were deficiencies with driver defect reporting.

Sole director and transport manager Alex Hucker told the TC he was supported in the office by his son Craig, also a transport manager. He said problems in the business had become apparent at the time of the DVSA investigation, due to family issues and employees having health concerns. However, he said he had not realised the extent of the problems.

The TC said: “I find that Craig Hucker was responsible for causing the emissions cheat device to be fitted; Alexander Hucker did less than enough to involve himself when, on his own evidence, his son was under duress from personal issues. Both transport managers allowed drivers’ hours management to be ineffective and that resulted in serious offending being allowed to continue. Both transport managers failed to deliver against their duties with serious consequences and each has therefore lost his good repute. The position with Craig Hucker is more serious given his involvement with the cheat device.”

He said he understood that putting the haulier out of business would affect many people, but that non-compliance was serious. He held back from making a disqualification order against the operator, but ruled that Craig Hucker be disqualified for three years and Alex for one.

IVECO HI-SCR engine technology saves JW Crowther time and money

JW Crowther X-Way

JW Crowther has purchased an IVECO Stralis X-Way 8x4 tipper, after an identical demonstrator’s HI-SCR engine technology left the firm with productivity savings following a week-long trial.

HI-SCR bypasses the forced regeneration cycles so extra fuel isn’t needed to burn off left over diesel particulates in the filter. This has led to JW Crowther saving money on fuel.  

The Leeds-based company’s director, Nigel Crowther, said the Stralis’ HI-SCR also “eliminated the 40 minute delays we’d been suffering during forced regeneration cycles.  These can add up to significant downtime over the weeks and months”.

The Stralis 420hp engine is coupled to a 12-speed automatic gearbox with off-road functions, like automatic rocking to release the vehicle if it becomes stuck, and ‘creep’ mode for greater control at slower speeds. It also features a day cab and a Holmfirth-based L Townend tipper body.

JW Crowther opted for IVECO’s ‘OFF’ chassis specification, giving the truck an approach angle over 25 degrees, and a steel bumper for increased protection when it’s operating on construction sites in Yorkshire.

Supplied by Northern Commercials in Brighouse, JW Crowther stated that the new vehicle will stay in service until 2026 and is estimated to complete 100,000km per year.