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Thanks to intelligent GPS tracking functionality, users of the EuroPilot option within the PASSango toll box from AS 24 can drive significant operational efficiencies and make substantial financial savings.

As a trusted partner to the transport industry for many years, AS 24 has an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by transport operators when travelling throughout Europe. Transiting through multiple countries within a single journey requires compliance with a variety of legislations as well as multiple toll payment systems, all of which can present a logistical nightmare for unprepared fleet operators. This is further complicated by a lack of alignment across Europe on the use of electronic systems of toll collection, despite European directive (EETS) voted in 2004. Although present and convenient in some nations, others are yet to integrate the technology. As a result, HGV drivers must have a variety of on-board equipment installed to their vehicles to travel throughout Europe.


As a solution to this organisational headache, AS 24 has been offering the PASSango toll box to its customers since 2017. It’s offering swift and seamless transit across five countries for now and more to come. By incorporating a sensor which is detected when passing through any electronic toll booths or collecting and mapping GPS localization with taxable network maps (depending on the country), PASSango enables simple and convenient toll collection. Moreover, hardworking drivers can also pay for secure HGV parking using their PASSango system in some countries.
Four versions of PASSango are available to AS 24 customers;  1) one covering only France and Liefkenshoek tunnel; or 2) France Iberic covering France, Spain, Portugal and Liefkenshoek tunnel   3) Europe an all-in-one box that covers with an OBU (on-board unit) France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Liefkenshoek tunnel, the Strorebaelt bridge (Denmark) and the Oresund bridge (Sweden)  and soon Germany; 4) EuroPilot covering the same as Europe but with additional added-value services.   

A defining aspect of PASSango that is appreciated by transport managers across the industry is EuroPilot. Read on to learn how EuroPilot can make vast improvements to efficiency and save you money in the process.

Control your mobility with EuroPilot

Incorporating geolocation, EuroPilot offers quasi-real-time monitoring of vehicles and a set of alerts to give significant cost savings for its users. Accessible from the Customer Portal or via the Fleet Manager mobile app, EuroPilot uses advanced GPS tracking technology to provide a variety of added-value services for its customers.

Firstly, through EuroPilot, fleet operators can accurately track their vehicles from the beginning to the end of their journeys. Data on individual vehicles, including their registration number, their precise GPS coordinates as well as regular updates on their progress, can be accessed via the map.

Furthermore, using PASSango’s EuroPilot combined with AS 24 fuel card, transport managers can identify potential misuses of fuel cards by their drivers. From wherever they may be, the transport manager will receive an alert any time if a vehicle is filled in another location than EuroPilot’s GPS coordinates. By improving accountability in this way, operators can take control of their costs and make significant financial savings.

Moreover, users can access the most intelligent and efficient route simulator for HGVs on the market, that takes vehicle constraints into account. After inputting the characteristics of your fleet, EuroPilot will work out the best route possible depending on the type of vehicle being driven to calculate associated costs (fuel and tolls). Various simulations can be compared before the desired route is selected. This allows operators to offer an improved service for their customers as more precise ETAs can be given and punctuality ensured. Once a journey is completed, operators can then compare the simulated versus actual route taken to check whether the driver followed their instructions. Driver delivery reports can also be downloaded and assessed, once again adding visibility and accountability. Optimising operational efficiencies in these ways all combine to make a major difference to the operator’s bottom line, as many current EuroPilot users can confirm.


All data and alerts received by the operator can be extracted into an Excel spreadsheet for in-depth review. The team at AS 24 are on hand to help operators comprehend and evaluate this data if needed. The multitude of benefits that integrating the EuroPilot option within PASSango into your operation are clear - but what about the price? Fortunately, the cost to your business will be minimised thanks to the unique price for each customer, depending on how many PASSango boxes are installed, how many countries are visited and the usage per month. For a truly intelligent transport partner that keeps you firmly in the driver’s seat, contact the expert team at AS 24 about PASSango EuroPilot today.


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Johnston Sweepers, Commercial Motor Awards 2018 Bodywork Innovation of the Year Award: Winners' Profile


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Johnston Sweepers won Bodywork Innovation of the Year at the CM awards last year. This is the vehicle that allowed it to make a clean sweep in what was a hotly contested category.

Johnston Sweepers’ VE651 – or eVie (electric vehicle intelligent electronics) – is said to be Europe’s first fully electric truck-mounted sweeper.

“Sweeper companies are under increasing pressure to help authorities eliminate diesel and meet clean air targets” Johnston Sweeper’s awards entry

“It is against this background of seeking alternative fuels that Johnston’s design team made the strategic decision to develop what many thought was impossible – a fully electric truck-mounted sweeper.” reads the company’s awards entry.

Johnston, like a handful of other manufacturers, already offered a zero emission compact (2cu m) sweeper, but a larger fully electric truck capable of operating for a full work shift with routine overnight charging was widely considered unachievable due to the size and weight of the batteries. Undeterred, the company set about designing just such a sweeper, primarily to assess the feasibility of such a vehicle and to gauge market interest.

Developing the fully electric sweeper

Clive Offley, who heads up Johnston’s engineering team, outlines the complexity of the task. “We initially looked at electrifying just the bodywork – the sweeper – but it didn’t make sense to mount it onto a diesel chassis, or to create a hybrid. Municipals are working towards banning diesel entirely, so to remain ahead of the market we set about designing a fully electric machine.” To do so, Johnston worked in collaboration with Dutch electric vehicle specialist Emoss.

Once Johnston had sourced the battery (see below), it knew it would offset the weight of the two engines and two sets of transmission used in a standard diesel machine, meaning the overall weight and payload of the sweeper would remain the same.

“The main challenge was to position the batteries away from all the sweep gear” Clive Offley, head of engineering, Johnston Sweepers.

“A special system was developed to mount them behind the cab where the now-redundant exhaust and air cleaner are located. We also needed to develop electric drives for the suction fan, and all of the hydraulics and sweeper functions.” explains Offley. This proved to be more than a year’s work for Johnston’s R&D team.

“The project required us to find solutions for numerous highly complex technical challenges, but the outcome is that we have been able to produce a zero emission full-size sweeper with a 6-tonne payload, similar to a diesel machine, that is capable of a full sweeping shift, proving our theory,” adds Offley. “All of the automotive functions of the VE651 are electrically powered, as well as the sweeper fan, brushes and Supawash system, requiring no additional power input. And it is this aspect of the design which we believe makes the machine the first of its kind in Europe.”

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Technical credentials

The Johnston eVie makes use of a modified 16-tonne DAF LF chassis. A 200kWh lithium ion phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack, which was chosen for its balance of weight, power density, charge rate and lower operating temperature (because it requires no liquid cooling), powers a high performance 350kW electric motor.

The truck is fitted with a pair of 22kW on-board chargers giving a charging capacity of 44kW, leaving the fastest possible charging time at four to five hours. It can be charged from various standard 415V AC 3-phase industrial sockets or from a supplied charging post. The AC charging connector is a Type 2, which can charge from any supply, such as those at motorway services and street-side chargers. The battery is good for 3,000 full charging cycles and an on-board battery management system constantly monitors and maintains the temperature and health of all battery cells. The truck’s driving range is 200km at mid-load on a single charge, meaning it operates at less than 1kWh per km.

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What next?

The Johnston eVie produces zero-exhaust and dust, and is virtually noise-free. The only sound comes from the airflow and the brushes on the road surface, making it ideal for municipal sweeping, working around pedestrians and residential streets without polluting the local environment in any way.

The machine has been put through extensive engineering development testing, and independent industry tests are under way in preparation for taking it to full production. A first production batch of machines is being built at Johnston’s manufacturing facility in Dorking, Surrey. The company says there has been “enormous interest in the sweeper from major UK cities, [elsewhere in] Europe, and worldwide”.

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