SEPA clamps down on illegal waste haulage


The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has launched a clampdown on illegal waste haulage and disposal, which involves the police and the other three UK environmental agencies.

Its £3.8m Life Smart project, will use road stops and site visits to inform hauliers of their responsibilities surrounding waste disposal. The initiative is also supported by the DVSA, Office of the Traffic Commissioner for Scotland, the FTA, HMRC and insurers.

According to the SEPA, waste crime costs the UK economy approximately £600m a year and includes illegal transport and dumping of waste in Scotland by hauliers from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Road stops have already taken place on vehicles from ferries travelling from Northern Ireland to clamp down on metal theft.

Former Dawsongroup chief joins Hireco

Mike Williams

Former Dawsongroup chief executive Mike Williams has joined Hireco as director of contracts. Williams was with Dawsongroup for more than 40 years, before leaving in 2016.

Hireco Group MD James Smith said: “To get Mike on board is a real plus for this business, his relationship with manufacturers is second to none, and what he has achieved over his career with Dawsongroup is unrivalled. We are looking to develop new products such as truck contract hire, and with Mike at the helm we feel we can develop an industry-leading offering.”

Hireco operates 6,000 trailers throughout the UK and Ireland and has a target of 8,000 by 2020.