Stay compliant with remote download


More than half of transport companies across Europe (52%) have had their offices inspected or audited for drivers’ hours compliance in the last year, according to a study from TomTom Telematics.

The survey - involving more than 1,000 transport companies across the EU - also revealed that 43% of companies have been the subject of roadside inspections between one and five times in the same period.

Meanwhile, 41% of transport companies said they have cancelled between one and 10 jobs that they wanted to assign to drivers in the past 12 months due to not having visibility of their remaining drivers’ hours for the day.

Beverley Wise, director UK and Ireland at TomTom Telematics, said: “It’s clear that staying compliant with regulations regarding drivers’ hours can cause definite administrative hassle and affect productivity.

“Most of our respondents - more than 60% - now use remote downloads to manage their tachograph data. A significant minority, however, still rely on manual downloading to stay compliant, which means their HGVs need to be off the road when it’s time to capture the required data.”