Ten applications and decisions that caught our eye this week

Royal Mail


Royal Mail Group has been given the green light for 14 vehicles at a unit on the Stakehill Industrial Estate, Middleton, Manchester.

Matthew Thomas Logan has been granted authorisation for two vehicles and two trailers at the Sharp Freight International site, Sefton Street, Oldham.

SI&S Hastings can base 13 vehicles and 14 trailers at the North Lakes Business Park, Flusco, Penrith.

Maritime Transport can base 10 vehicles at The Oval, Walton House, Felixstowe.

AVS Cumbria Metals can station three vehicles and two trailers at a unit on the Risehow Industrial Estate, Flimby, Maryport.

Gilberts (Blackpool) has been given permission for six vehicles at Stanley House, Clifton Road, Blackpool.

Denholm UK Logistics has been given the go-ahead to base 30 vehicles and 40 trailers at the Multi User Warehouse, Regent Road, Port of Liverpool.

O&T Transport & Haulage can base two vehicles and two trailers at Morparts UK, Ditton Road, Widnes.

GA and Associates has been granted authorisation for two vehicles and two trailers at a unit on the Riverside Industrial Estate, Woolston, Warrington.

Expert Logistics can station 30 vehicles and 25 trailers at an operating centre on the Junction 19 Industrial Park, Green Lane, Heywood.

Bonded warehouses must provide visiting drivers with toilet access, says HSE


The HSE has clarified that bonded warehouses must provide visiting drivers with adequate toilet facilities after an HGV driver was told by staff at Expeditor International that she should use a portable toilet rather than staff toilets due to security concerns.

June Higgins, a driver for Knowsley-based container haulier JMD, told CM that on a recent delivery to Expeditors International in Coleshill, Birmingham staff told her that HSE had exempted the business from the need to provide toilet facilities for visiting drivers because it was a bonded warehouse. Higgins was told to use a portable toilet near the loading bay in future.

Higgins told CM: “I explained that the law for drivers has changed and that portable toilets do not meet the standards set out now by HSE.”

She added that her offer to show a staff member the regulations was declined.

“He refused and told me it was a bonded warehouse and if I didn’t have any other business there then I should leave immediately as they had visitors in the building.”

Higgins said Expeditors staff also told her that “HSE has been in touch with them and fully understand their situation and that a portable toilet is fine”.

Asked if bonded warehouses are outside of the HSE regulations on providing toilets for visiting drivers, an HSE spokeswoman told CM: “An employer is required to provide suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences in every workplace (with some exceptions such as operational ships, boats, hovercraft, aircraft, trains and road vehicles).  

“The Approved Code of Practice for the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 provides further detail about what constitutes suitable and sufficient (paragraphs 188-206).  

“Chemical toilets are only acceptable in remote workplaces without running water or a nearby sewer or on temporary worksites.”

Jeff Dickerman, vice president and associate general counsel at Expeditors International, told CM: “Expeditors fully complies with all applicable laws including workplace health, safety and welfare regulations.  

“We are committed to ensuring our visiting drivers have access to suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences in compliance with such legislation. This commitment includes allowing visiting drivers to use the washrooms in the reception area of our Birmingham facility.”

Dickerman added that since the facility is a bonded warehouse all visitors must sign in before they are allowed to use the toilets in the reception area.

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