Transport managers told to keep up to date on regulations by senior traffic commissioner

Senior traffic commissioner Richard Turfitt

The senior traffic commissioner (TC) has warned UK hauliers to keep their qualifications and development up to date.

Richard Turfitt said that key staff, such as transport managers, should be proactive in keeping current with new guidance on haulage regulations.

He said this particularly applied to those whose qualification is more than 10 years old; those who have not worked for an operator for the past five years; or anybody who is called before a public inquiry (PI).

Turfitt made his remarks after the TCs completed a revision of statutory documents following a consultation which was completed this summer.

The changes include clearer guidance on what will happen if someone uses an operator’s licence without authority (the practice of ‘fronting’), greater emphasis on the importance of accurate applications, a new section on support for tribunal users, updated guidance on what happens when periods of grace expire and a new section on driver employment status.

Turfitt said: “It is important that we get the balance right, so that irresponsible people, who ignore the safety of other road users, do not put compliant businesses at a disadvantage. These documents demonstrate our commitment to transparency in the way we make our decisions. On this occasion the majority of changes are dictated by the case law rather than a debate on policy. There is a heavy emphasis on providing continuity but the responses received have helped us to try and clarify our approach to regulation.”

The new statutory guidance can be found on the TC’s website

Seven applications and decisions that stood out this week

A new operating centre for Eddie Stobart and a new licence holder at an old Palmer & Harvey DC were among the As&Ds that caught our eye this week.


  • Eddie Stobart has applied for authorisation for a new operating centre on Lauchope Road on the Newhouse Industrial Estate in Motherwell. The firm has requested to operate 50 vehicles and 50 trailers from the site.
  • Anderson Haulage (Inverness) has applied for a variation to its standard international licence so that it can operate five vehicles and eight trailers from a new operating centre at Dipper Park, Moniack Bridge, Kirkhill, Inverness.
  • A standard national licence has been granted to Collect2 to operate five vehicles and eight trailers from its warehouse at Frances Industrial Park, Wemyss Road, Dysart. 
  • Ashvale Haulage has applied for a standard national licence for 40 vehicles and four trailers to operate from the junction 10 compound, adjacent to Pound Lane, Hurst, Reading.
  • A Wheeler & Sons Transport has applied to increase authorisation at its operating centre on Ryeford Industrial Estate, Stonehouse, to 10 vehicles and eight trailers.
  • Selor Transport has made a variation application on its standard national licence so it can open an operating centre at Team Knowhow, at the old Palmer and Harvey distribution centre on the Mid Kent Business Park in Snodland. Authorisation will be for 35 vehicles and 30 trailers.
  • Mark Lazarus & Partners has been granted a standard national licence for four vehicles to operate from Crow Lane, Romford.