Truck driver narrowly avoids crash with Police spotter truck

Highways England has released footage of a truck driver nearly crashing into a Warwickshire Police spotter truck on the M40.

The offence was recorded by officers in the Operation Tramline HGV who first saw the driver drifting on to the hard shoulder while using his mobile phone. After realsing he is veering off course, the driver corrects his steering and drifts towards the middle lane nearly hitting the unmarked police cab.

Since the launch of Operation Tramline in 2015, more than 21,600 offences have been recorded. The most common offences have included using a mobile phone (6,073), not wearing a seatbelt (6,253) and not being in proper contorl of the vehicle (1501). They've also recorded 1199 instances of speeding.

Near-miss as driver on phone at the wheel

Goodyear TruckForce to increase van fleet by 30% to cope with growth

Goodyear’s TruckForce tyre service network is to expand its UK operations with new staff and a large increase in service vans.

The 24/7 commercial vehicle support network, which carries out routine on-site maintenance as well as roadside assistance for tyre-related breakdowns, will add two new operational roles to oversee the day-to-day running of the TruckForce network along with a 30% increase in the number of vans on its fleet – the largest expansion of the TruckForce team in seven years.

TruckForce has begun to support an additional 20,000 trucks, trailers and vans across the UK after several large fleet deals for Goodyear. They have also been re-evaluating and relocating their hubs to improve national coverage, having moved its Yorkshire hub to Rotherham and its Derbyshire centre into Derby in order to open a national training facility for new technicians.

Richard Tawlks, manager of TruckForce Equity UK, said: “This is a period of significant growth for our business, and the fact that it’s taking place is a reflection of the huge amount of hard work put in by our team. It’s a testament to the service that we provide for our customers and the confidence that they have in us. However, this is also an incredibly challenging time for the industry. The pandemic has put a real strain on fleets, with commercial organisations playing a vital role in keeping the UK moving, and we’re very proud to have been on hand to support. Now, with the UK opening up again, this expansion underway and the new contracts that Goodyear has recently taken on, it’s an incredibly exciting time for us at TruckForce.”