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Business plan

In a competitive and highly regulated market, choosing the right business structure is an essential decision for a haulage operation to make. 

Age concerns

With hauliers finding it increasingly difficult to attract younger drivers, the issue of age discrimination is likely to gain greater prominence in the years ahead as the industry grapples with the challenges of an ageing workforce.

Chemical reactions

Your phone rings; one of your drivers is on the other end and he sounds panicky.

Load on your mind

It may seem obvious to any driver that an unsafe load constitutes a danger to themselves, warehouse staff and other road users.

Roll with it

It's a beautiful day and you're driving along the motorway pulling a rear-steer double-deck trailer: there are pallets on board ready for offloading at your destination 50 miles or so down the road.

Mind the gap

With the number of women in the haulage industry growing, the traditional picture of the transport and logistics business being a man’s world is fading fast. 

Passport to safety

The transportation of heavy loads and the need to ensure safe deposit at the final destination is a challenging task, regardless of the goods involved.

Parking problems

Planning consent is rarely easy to secure, whether you’re building a new housing development or simply adding an extra room to your own home.

Upfront villainy

Few aspects of lawbreaking infuriate legitimate operators more than fronting, where a haulier without a licence uses another haulier’s licence to run his business.

Crime doesn't pay

For many years, the authorities have had the power to seize or detain an operator's vehicles where the business is suspected of using its vehicles in criminal activity.