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60 second law update: Hazchem

From 1 January 2015, businesses transporting hazardous chemicals have had to comply with the 2015 amendments to ADR regulations. The rules, a Europe-wide agreement on how dangerous goods can be safely transported by road, are updated every two years alongside similar agreements for the rail and water freight sectors.  

TCs annual report 2014-15: in depth look at Wales

Traffic commissioner (TC) for Wales and West Midlands, Nick Jones, said the interests of Welsh operators and the safety of the Welsh public has “not been given the primacy it deserves” as a result of the lack of a separate TC for the region. The country is treated as if it were part of the West Midlands traffic area, which Jones said is an “ongoing concern which will lead to interesting challenges”.

TCs annual report 2014-15: in depth look at Scotland

The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow were a big challenge for operators north of the border, according to Scotland’s traffic commissioner (TC) Joan Aitken, who helped spread the word amongst operators about the disruption the event would have on their businesses and urged them to plan ahead.  

TCs' annual report 2014-15: in depth look at London and the South East

Nick Denton, traffic commissioner (TC) for London and the South East, said there were number of recurring themes at the 358 public inquiries (PIs) undertaken by the TC and his deputies last year, resulting in the revocation of 56 O-licences and the suspension or curtailment of 118 others.