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Crime doesn't pay

For many years, the authorities have had the power to seize or detain an operator's vehicles where the business is suspected of using its vehicles in criminal activity.

Balancing the scales of justice

A recent poll of readers found that a large majority (68%) were in favour of on-the-spot fines for careless driving offences.

Illegal fuel - a mug’s game

It might seem cheap and it might be easy to get hold of, but using fuel on which the correct duty has not been paid for normal road use is unwise for several reasons - not least of which is that it can put your operating licence in jeopardy.

Knowing your fill

From pet food to petrol, sand to sewage, it is essential that safe systems and processes for filling, emptying and cleaning tankers exist in your business.

The long and winding road

In June, the government pledged it would treble the annual amount of money it ploughs into major road schemes in a bid to get the country’s clogged transport network moving again.

Up in flames

It’s the call you never wanted to receive, a voice on the end of the line informing you that your yard and the vehicles parked in it are ablaze.

A clean look at safety

When vehicle driver and cleaner Izzy Lloyd stepped out of a bus she had been cleaning into the engineering bay at the Maidstone depot of Arriva Southern Counties in April 2010, she felt a sharp piece of metal pierce her work boot and penetrate her foot.

Trip to court?

The government has just opened a two-month consultation on its plans to crack down on drug driving, which it believes may contribute to hundreds of road deaths and injuries every year.

Rules of engagement

This month, key revisions to employment tribunal rules of procedure will come into force that will have implications for hauliers and their employees due to attend such hearings.

Drink Danger

Drink-driving accidents have fallen dramatically since the 1970s but despite numerous advertising campaigns it is still a significant problem both within and without the commercial vehicle industry.