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On Good Form

The Home Office has teamed up with international haulier Brian Yeardley Continental (BYC) to create a definitive checklist for drivers to ensure they have done all they can to prevent stowaways from entering the country.

Agency arguments

Driver agencies have traditionally played a significant role in the supply of labour in the road transport industry.

Smart thinking

Four years may seem a long time in the road haulage industry but smart digital tachographs will be with us before you know it in 2018.

Unhappy holidays?

Following the Employment Appeal Tribunal's (EAT) decision in the holiday pay case of Bear Scotland Ltd v Fulton & another, there were very few media outlets which did not include concerning words such as "timebomb", "floodgates" and "ruin of small business" somewhere within their reports of the decision.

All change

Elections in May led to a major shake-up in the European Parliament with around half of elected MEPs new to Brussels and a new Transport Commissioner appointed.

Taking a fresh look

Appeals against a traffic commissioner's ruling must be made to the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal.

Talent agency

Agency drivers can be a blessing or a curse: a blessing because they can step in when staff drivers are sick or when a short term contract increases the number of drivers needed.

Mechanical problems

It’s no exaggeration to say good vehicle maintenance is the foundation stone on which any half-decent road transport operation is built.

Engineering solutions

The skills and knowledge of your workshop staff could be the difference between compliance and appearing in a public inquiry

State of the nation

The TCs’ report for 2013/14 showed that the total number of O-licences in circulation continued to decline, falling 4% from 80,894 in 2012/13 to 77,732.