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Transport manager refresher training: it could save your O-licence

The issue of whether transport managers should undertake periodic refresher training has been hotly debated by those in the road transport industry in recent months. The transport manager is often seen as the glue that holds together a successful haulage business, overseeing the driver compliance and vehicle maintenance needed to keep the operation on the road, so it is important that they keep up to date with the relevant legislation the role demands.  

Does larger business mean a larger health and safety fine?

Are you aware that a small business with an annual turnover of between £2m and £10m could be fined up to £1.6m for a health and safety offence? While a micro operation, with a turnover of up to £2m, could be hit with a £450,000 fine? These punishments could be detrimental to small operations if they find themselves in court for a health and safety matter, especially if it has caused death.  

Breaking away

In September this year, the people of Scotland will vote in the referendum on Scottish independence.

Making sure your proof of financial standing is on the money

The financial standing requirement is not new to the road transport world and has been expected of operators for some time. However, theTransport Law Blog was puzzled to see that some operators are still confused about what’s required of them and how they can successfully prove they have the financial resources available if they use working capital loans.