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State of the unions

Trade unions may not wield the power and influence they did in their 1970s heyday but they still regularly leave their mark on Britain’s industrial relations landscape.

Prepared for the worst

Your haulage company is no doubt a professional, well-oiled operation strictly adhering to industry legislation, but are you prepared for the fallout that occurs from a fatal road traffic accident?

Science of compliance

Just as the arrival of digital tachographs accelerated the use of on-line bureau services, the rapid growth of contract maintenance has prompted commercial vehicle manufacturers to develop their own compliance tools in conjunction with dealers.

Health Check

The LGV licence is the most valuable tool in the professional truck driver’s armoury.

The IT crowd

For any business, a new IT system is a huge investment, not just with regards to the money spent but also the time and effort involved.

High Maintenance

At the Commercial Motor Live conference in October 2012, senior traffic commissioner Beverley Bell accused the industry of "doing nothing" about regulating workshops or mechanics.

Response alarm

Keeping on top of paperwork is an essential job for any freight transport operator, but one important form sent out over a year ago appears to have been ignored by thousands of firms.

Cut to the chase

Late payment continues to be a problem for all UK hauliers and if neglected can result in serious cash flow problems, falling profits and ultimately affect the liquidity of a business.

Grandfather clock ticks

In the 1970s traffic commissioners (TCs) issued grandfather rights' certificates to transport managers to exempt them from the new  CPC qualification.