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Time to intervene

Nobody wants to go back to the dark days of low safety standards in the workplace which resulted in far too many needless deaths and injuries.

Tell the TC

A material change at a transport business is an important change which, if brought to the attention of the traffic commissioner, may lead them to take a different view of a firm's O-licence.

High noon

Why has it taken so long to sort out the scrap over trailer height? For more than a year the European Commission and a handful of member states, including the UK, have locked horns over a proposal to limit new build single trailers to 4m.

Get on your bike but not on the pavement

Commercial Motor recently  ran a feature highlighting the work being carried out by the industry to eliminate the risks when cyclists and LGVs share road space.  (CM 2 February)  The Freight Transport Association has worked with the London Cycle Campaign, the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London to compile a cycling code aimed at cyclists, LGV drivers and operators.   

How to become an owner-operator

Being in business  as an owner-operator is the most popular way to run a commercial vehicle in the UK. According to the Department for Transport 44% (41,300) of the 95,000 O-licences held in the UK are for one vehicle.