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No hiding place

For many people fleeing persecution or seeking economic opportunities, breaking into lorries bound for the UK is one more hurdle to overcome in a long line of dangerous obstacles.

Trailer trashed

The present system whereby defects are recorded against the O-licence of the operators of vehicles and trailers is generally an effective one.

Protect yourself from fraud

The targeting of commercial vehicles by fraudsters intent on creating false insurance claims has become an issue of increasing concern to organisations with fleets in recent years.

Mounting Concerns

Accidents involving lorry mounted cranes can be catastrophic and life changing.

Pollution solution

Breaches relating to water discharges are covered by the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales Regulations) 2010 but what can you as an operator do to avoid such incidents happening?

Belt up

We all know seat belts save lives but some truck drivers seem to think it’s only other people’s lives that need saving - how else to explain the stubborn refusal by so many to belt up as a matter of routine?

Seized up

HMRC and the UK Border Force (UKBF) have broad powers to seize vehicles or trailers where they have reasonable grounds for suspecting that the duty payable on the goods being transported into Britain will be evaded.

Cut down

You made a mistake, held your hands up at the public inquiry and hoped that the traffic commissioner would be lenient.

Grey area

The definition of an operating centre is simplicity itself: it’s the place where a lorry is normally kept according to the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995.

Working it out

With the summer holidays getting nearer, many haulage firms will be thinking about taking on someone to help out unpaid in the workshop, the traffic office or the warehouse.