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The consequences of missing the Driver CPC deadline

The deadline for drivers to have finished their CPC training – five years after the requirement was first introduced – is almost here, writes David Craik. But what are the consequences if they don’t?It is an offence if a driver drives an HGV without a CPC, if you cause or permit another person to do so, or if you fail to produce a driver Qualification Card (dQC) at the roadside.

Glasgow bin lorry inquiry recommendations

Apart from the six lives lost in the Glasgow bin lorry accident, perhaps the saddest fact is that, according to the results of the Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) into the tragedy, it could quite possibly have been avoided

Former haulier banned for giving O-licence disc to son

West Midlands traffic commissioner (TC) Nick Jones has disqualified a former haulier from the O-licensing regime indefinitely, after he loaned his O-licence disc long after his business had ceased trading.The TC said Sutton Coldfield-based sole trader John Price, who traded as Motor Trade Services, undermined fair competition by passing a disc in his name onto his son, David Price.

Companies fined after driver crushed by falling concrete

Three companies have been fined after a driver was killed by a 1.5-tonne concrete panel that fell off a truck.Travis Hale, a driver for Bramshall, Staffordshire-based Punchards Haulage, was crushed by the falling load which had been insufficiently attached to the trailer using a series of straps.

Skip company was used as a front for revoked operator

A west London-based skip company that was used to enable a former plant hire firm to “operate from beyond the grave” has been stripped of its O-licence by traffic commissioner (TC) Nick Denton (pictured).Euro Skips, based in Greenford, was used as a front to allow Liam Moloney Plant Hire to continue operating after it had its O-licence taken away, a public inquiry (PI) in Eastbourne was told on 21 October.

The biggest legal cases of 2015

The traffic commissioners (TCs), police and enforcement agencies have worked hard over the last 12 months to make sure the serially non-compliant and most dangerous operators and drivers are either taken off the road, or sanctioned to deter them from offending again. revisits the five biggest legal cases of 2015.1. Euro Logistics Kent, Euro Logistics London

Improved mirrors to be mandatory from July

Improved mirrors that eliminate HGV blind spots will become mandatory on newly registered vehicles from July next year across the EU.The measure, championed by the UK government, was adopted following a vote earlier this month (16 December) by the European Commission.For the first time it will be mandatory for all newly registered vehicles in the UK to meet the improved mirrors standard.