CV Show 2016: Novadata showcasing Driver CPC courses

Transport training company Novadata will showcase two new driver CPC courses and six new books on operator “O” License obligations at the CV 2016 Show, to be held at the NEC in April this year.

The two new driver CPC courses are Level 2 Manual Handling and Driver Well-being courses which aim to help drivers work safely and legally.

The six new books include the Licence Verification Audit Book, the Agency Driver Declaration Book and the Vehicle Inspection Maintenance Book.

“Demonstrating that an Operator has complied with the law and fulfilled its undertakings can be daunting, which is why we have produced a series of books which, when used together, make up a more comprehensive picture of effort taken to achieve compliance,” Novadata’s MD Su Winch said.

“Using a series of books that track compliance from a number of angles helps to paint a picture of diligence and effort. Part of that compliance concerns ensuring that drivers are all well trained and have completed their 35 hours of periodic Driver CPC training every five years. 

Our Driver CPC courses are carefully tailored to ensure that they provide drivers with information on best practice on the road so that they also help to support a healthy OCRS for the Operator.”

Lombard Shipping sets sail with Mercedes-Benz Actros

Ipswich-based Lombard Shipping has come full circle, replacing the first Mercedes Benz Actros tractor units it acquired seven years ago with five new models.

The five new Actros tractors are powered by 330 kW (450 hp) straight-six engines with Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmissions.

“We’re regularly seeing returns of well over 10 mpg, which is excellent,” said MD Simon Fraser. “The Actros is a great all-round package. Our drivers like them and they’re reassuringly reliable, with downtime reduced to an absolute minimum.”

Fraser said the Mercedes-Benz FleetBoard telematics hardware, which is fitted as standard to all new Actros, helped drive fuel efficiency  “It’s a highly effective educational tool. By compiling a ‘league table’ of scores we’ve fostered a real spirit of competition between our drivers, to see who can be the most economical.”

The trucks are also fitted with Mercedes-Benz Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) systems, which tests show can deliver fuel savings of 5% by combining cruise control with GPS mapping so the vehicles can ‘see’ the road ahead and make gear shifts, or throttle back where appropriate, in anticipation of changes in gradient.

Four of the new Actros are based at Lombard Shipping’s depot in Liverpool, undertaking haulage and groupage duties between mainland Britain and Ireland whilst the fifth is based at the company’s Ipswich depot, hauling shipping containers from Felixstowe docks to distribution centres in the Midlands.