2004 Fruehauf flatbed trailer - Used Trailer Deal of the Day

Fruehauf flat bed

Today’s deal involves you getting a lot for your money. MTS Trailers is selling this 2004 13.6m Fruehauf flatbed trailer for only £2,150 plus VAT.

The specification of this particular unit is suited for heavy-duty timber work and has a flat bed, 10 sockets per side, and a floor that is in good condition.

There’s a tall headboard perfect for stacking logs against, and all the tyres are only 80% worn.

Transicold's new system is perfect for Culina Group

Carrier Transicold

Culina Group’s CML Fulfilment & Logistics division has taken delivery of 20 new 13.6m Gray & Adams double-deck trailers fitted with Carrier Transicold’s new flagship HE 19 trailer refrigeration units.

Key features include a redesigned evaporator airflow management system which uses the Coanda Effect, 'sticking' cold air to the roof, which is more beneficial to double-deck trailers. Use of a fully hermetic scroll compressor and economiser helps to deliver a 40% increase in refrigeration capacity during pull-down, halving the chance of refrigerant escape.

The manufacturer also claims the unit will reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%, weight by 10% and noise by 3dB(A), making it quieter than its predecessor.

Mark Matkin, group fleet manager at Culina Group, said: “Carrier Transicold already provides the cooling systems for around 80% of our fleet, so naturally we were confident the new Vector HE 19 would match the high standards we’re used to. The benefits of the HE 19 are huge, both financially and operationally, particularly when you factor in the reduced maintenance requirements. Whenever we specify new equipment for the fleet, we’re looking to reduce environmental impact. One of the first things we noticed with the HE 19 was just how quiet it is; it’s ideal for urban deliveries.”

The Gray & Adams trailers are also new. Stuart Martin, sales manager at the company, said: “Culina has been a valued customer of Gray & Adams since 2001. This made them the perfect candidate for our new 44-pallet, lifting-deck trailer, which we showcased at the CV Show earlier this year featuring Culina’s celebratory 25th anniversary livery. We look forward to more shared successes with both Culina and Carrier Transicold, and to building this important relationship further.”

The new trailers will be used for transport to supermarkets throughout the UK.