2015 DAF FTRXF-510 Super Space 6x2 tractor unit - Used Truck of The Day

Used Truck of The Day

Today’s used truck of the day is this 2015 DAF FTRXF-510 Super Space 6x2 tractor unit from Ford & Slater with 550,950km on the clock and plenty of equipment.

Painted in a standout red, this example has a single wheel rear lift, 12 speed manual transmission and tipping hydraulics which is ideal for aggregate hauliers. The cab is adorned with a top-mounted Kelsa light bar with six spot lamps LEDs, while there’s another across the bottom bumper.

Inside, there’s a fridge and a wooden dashboard which holds a radio and air conditioning, while at the rear of the cab there’s a single bunk. The MoT is due to run out in May 2020, while the price is available on application.

BBA Shipping and Transport puts an Oakley-bodied Scania horebox on the road


Newmarket-based equestrian shipping specialist BBA Shipping and Transport has taken delivery of its first Scania, a G410 with an Oakley-built nine-stall racehorse body.

Supplied by local dealer TruckEast with a seven-year repair and maintenance contract, it is expected to average 100,000km per year, mostly on five-day runs between France and Ireland.

BBA MD Kevin Needham said: “When we were looking at options we knew the upfront cost was higher, but we believe it is that for a reason. For the length of service our horseboxes run, the lifetime value of Scania worked out better for us. We needed a truck that delivers our requirements but above all, we want one that is reliable, with the back-up and service behind us.”