2016 SDC double deck tri-axle trailer - Used Deal of the Day

SDC trailer HLL Davies

This 2016 SDC double deck tri-axle trailer, from HLL Davies in Chester, is our used deal today, and there’s 10 to choose from.

All are 13.6m long and 4.8m high with axles from BPW and drum brakes.

The trailer’s blue curtains are new, while the rear doors are flush with its rear.

For more information regarding HLL Davies 10 trailers, such as their MoTs, get in touch with HLL Davies.    

Euro-6 2015 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 tipper - Used Truck of The Day

Mercedes-Benz Arocs tipper

This Euro-6 2015 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 8x4 tipper, with only 220,000km on the clock, from Hillas Truck Sales near Hailfax, is our used deal of the day.

The Mercedes has been fitted with a Thompsons steel body, an automatic air tail-gate, an easy sheet system, and Binotto tipping gear.

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There’s a three-way camera system, side sensors, and the day cab has been fitted with air conditioning and electric windows.

It’s perfect for urban operators too, thanks to its Euro-6 emissions credentials, which allows it to work in London’s ULEZ.

On the market for £32,250 plus VAT, the Arocs comes with one year’s MoT. Contact Hillas Truck Sales for more information.