54-plate MAN TGA 26.430 6x2: Laurie Dealer's used truck of the week

Laurie Dealer's 'used truck of the week' is...

...an MAN TGA 26.430 6x2 on a 54 plate and registered in 2005. the seller quotes 400,000km on the clock and promises that the truck will arrive with a minimum five months MoT and 5mm tread on the tyres. And it's got service history. Sold out of Bradford, West Yorkshire, price is on application.

Jobs a good un.


Duty of Care: fulfilling your obligations

The 2007 Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act made directors personally liable for ensuring employees' safety at work - and subject to jail sentences if they were shown to be negligent.

With Lord Young, advisor to the Prime Minister, reviewing the subject, it is still possible, according to the Health & Safety Executive, that there are still a large number of businesses, especially small and medium-sized operators, that have not taken the action required to avoid falling foul of the law if called to account.

While companies are used to applying Duty of Care to the workplace, all too often the same rigour is not applied to employees who drive on company business. What fleet operators can often overlook is the working time limits, which include the hours employees spend behind the wheel of their vehicle getting to and from a job.

Additionally, too few can demonstrate to the standard required in a court of law that their employees are expected to obey the speed limits and exhibit appropriate safe driving behaviour.

An effective answer to this issue is for fleets to invest in telematics that can provide a cost effective way of demonstrating compliance.

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