66-plate Volvo FH 540 6x2 tractor unit - Used Truck of The Week

Volvo FH 540

This bright green 66-plate Volvo FH 540 6x2 tractor unit from Thomas Hardie Used Truck Centre, Middlewich, is our used truck of the week.

One previous owner has racked up 329,000km in this Swedish example. Its Globetrotter XL cab has been specified with a fridge, microwave and leather upholstery.

Lovely and clean throughout, the FH also has twin fuel tanks and alloy wheels, while its Euro-6 credentials bring it in line with ULEZ regulations.

Thomas Hardie will provide the truck’s full service history and include a 24 month Volvo Selected Warranty upon purchase. Price is available on application.   

VisionTrack adds its expertise to TRL platooning trial


The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) trails into truck platooning have a new partner, with video telematic provider VisionTrack now providing support to the tests.

A five-camera package is being used to cover the tractor units and trailers as they continue to be tested with front, rear and driver facing cameras working in conjunction with side cameras to capture every aspect of the trails, both inside and out. The system will look to capture supporting data of what occurs during the trails with a particular emphasis on the interactions other road users have with the platooning vehicles.

The camera system will combine with advanced driver-assistance systems to also assess the workload of the driver while platooning compared to normal operations. 

Camilla Fowler, head of risk management at TRL said: “We have brought together a consortium of partners that delivers a powerful combination of vehicle system innovation, operational experience, robust trial design, coupled with a proven understanding of road safety issues. VisionTrack is a leading video telematics specialist that is providing the trial with a vehicle camera and monitoring solution. This will enable us to record and measure activity that may be classified as a risk, which will help us understand and quantify the road safety issues of platooning.”

VisionTrack managing director, Simon Marsh, added: “We are delighted that our video telematics technology is playing an important role in these trials. We are supporting the consortium to implement a connected vehicle camera solution that will help establish whether platooning can be allowed to take place on UK roads safely.” 

The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) is conducting the tests on behalf of Highways England and the Department for Transport and other partners involved in the trials include DAF Trucks and Ricardo.