Almtone-owned Canute assets to be auctioned

Canute trailers


Hilco Global is to auction a selection of cars, trailers and HGVs belonging to Almtone-owned Canute Group next week (7 February) following the operator's move into administration last month.

The sale of the “substantial transport fleet” will commence at 11am at a location in Gamston, Nottinghamshire. It also includes workshop and yard equipment.

Available to purchase are five MAN 6x2 tractor units with high sleeper cabs, Scania P and R-series trucks, a DAF LF and a selection of vans from Ford, Renault and Mercedes-Benz as well as 120 trailers from SDC and Montracon.

Preview information will be available, although strictly by appointment, on the 5th and 6 February.

Contact Kevin Smyth at or call 08453 130 140 for more information.

Almtone-owned Canute Group was place into administration ahead of Christmas, although a deal with the firm’s customers saw 120 jobs saved.

Hilco Global is conducting the auction on behalf of the failed haulier’s administrator Begbies Traynor and an unnamed finance company.


ACEA warns of lack of green infrastructure

ACEA secretary general EriK Jonnaert

Truck manufacturers have warned that proposed EU targets for radical reductions in CO2 emissions are unachievable without a massive and urgent increase in charging infrastructure.

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has warned that the ambitious CO2 standards proposed by the EU will only be possible with a rapid and massive market uptake of zero- and low-emission trucks. To achieve the targets, ACEA estimates that 26,000 truck-specific electric charging points, including 6,000 high power (more than 500kW DC) will be needed on the European motorway network by 2025-2030.

However ACEA secretary general Erik Jonnaert warned: “The shocking fact is that there is not one single public charging point for long-haul trucks available today. What is more, a standard for the required high-power plugs doesn’t exist yet.”

As well as a shortage of electric charging points, ACEA has identified a requirement for 1,000 hydrogen refuelling points within the same time frame, but said there are fewer than 10 available in the EU, and none of them are suitable for long-haul trucks. Public truck-specific CNG and LNG refuelling stations are slightly more widespread, the UK being one the best served, but the total throughout Europe is still low and very patchy.

Jonnaert concluded: “Policy makers must be aware of this alarming situation when agreeing future CO2 targets for trucks, as these are dependent on a massive ramp-up in sales of alternatively powered trucks. The targets should be set accordingly – and must be accompanied by an action plan to roll out truck-specific infrastructure across the EU. Customers cannot be expected to invest in alternatively powered trucks if they do not have the possibility to recharge or refuel them. ACEA fully supports an agreement on the new truck CO2 standards, but we urge decision makers to ensure that the targets are achievable in practice.”