Brexit fears not affecting business says Thomas Hardie

Thomas Hardie

Brexit fears are not playing any major role in business levels at independent Volvo dealer Thomas Hardie, according to used truck business development manager Jonathan Bownes.

"All the Brexit talk is responsible for some uncertainty, but there are too many other outside factors that are helping to keep the steady flow of trucks through our hands,” Bownes said.

“There are more and more cities following London’s example with clean air zones to help improve the air quality of its residents, and LNG trucks, electric power and the constant advancements in truck technology are all points of consideration for truck buyers. This has resulted in more older, Euro-4 and Euro-5 trucks being traded into us and while these may not be of interest to a lot of UK users, worldwide demand is strong.”

Bownes acknowledged that Brexit is the most important event the country, and the transport industry, has had to deal with in several years, but from a business point of view and for Thomas Hardie, the developments in Westminster and Brussels have had little effect on trading.

“Some customers are cautious and a few have mentioned Brexit, but the industry has to keep going. We have formed strong relationships with good solid export customers who, in their part of the world, have no brexit or low emission zone worries,” Bownes added.