CM classified digital edition - 16 July

This FREE download will give you access to 1000s of quality used trucks and trailers every week.

During the coming weeks and months we know you might struggle to access the shops, but don’t want you to miss out on those great used truck deals. For this reason, we’ve introduced Commercial Motor Classified Digital.

Every Monday you, and 18,500 other used truck and trailer buyers, will be able to browse all the same classified advertisements that appear in print. has a selection of used stock which is fully searchable by vehicle type, location and price range.


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Watch our MAN Truck & Bus UK webinar, and learn about the new TG heavy truck range

Last week the senior management at MAN Truck & Bus UK took part in a Commercial Motor webinar, where topics covered included the new truck generation, its response to Covid-19 and Top Used.

If you missed it fear not, as the webinar will remain available on demand for the next three months, and can be accessed here. Alternatively visit the webinar page on, which lists all of our past and upcoming webinars: