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Scania launches a 770hp V8 flagship and new Opticruise gearboxes

Scania has launched four new SCR-only V8 engines, including a 770hp (3,700Nm) range-topping flagship, which trumps the Volvo FH16 750 as Europe’s most powerful production truck.

In addition to being more powerful (530hp, 590hp, 660hp and 770hp), the engines are 2% more fuel efficient than their predecessors, or 6% better when paired with Scania’s new Opticruise automated manual gearbox.

Commenting on the new engines, which arrive one year after the V8’s 50th anniversary, Vincente Connolly, UK sales director for Scania (GB), said: "Our V8 engine has a tremendous following and these new models are sure to attract interest from operators across a variety of sectors.” While Connolly said the new engines are well suited to heavy-haulage and forestry work, he reckoned they will also prove ever-popular with long-haul operators who run at high weights for extended periods of time. “Then, of course, there are operators looking to make a statement with a flagship model for their fleets. The Scania V8 is an engine which definitely stirs the emotions, and the new range-topping 770 horsepower variant is sure to raise the aspirational bar even higher."

These are sentiments echoed by Alexander Vlaskamp, Scania's executive vice presi­dent, head of sales and marketing, who added: “I know that some of our customers will become extra heartened by the sheer joy and emotion of operating such a magnificent working tool!"      

Sales will commence next month, with the first deliveries expected in February 2021.

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