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Brit-Pol enlarges fleet with new Krone trailers

Yorkshire-based Brit-Pol is expanding its trailer fleet with a new order of Krone trailers to enable the business to grow its auto parts and general haulage operation in the UK and Benelux countries.

A total of 40 Box Liner container carriers, 60 Profil Liner curtainsiders and 60 Mega Liner curtainsiders are being added to the fleet which moves ADR, waste, auto parts and palleted goods.

“Flexibility is key to our growth plan” explained transport operations director Adam Zegocki.

“By specifying these trailers from Krone we can improve our loading capability for a wider range of customers. For example, the Box Liner container carriers are designed to carry 20’, 30’, 40’ and 45’ containers, two boxes at once or any standard sized tank. Combined with the quick-release twist locks this gives us adaptable, fast and easy handling.”

The curtainsiders have been specified with Krone’s MultiLock loading system which has straps every 10cm along the rave. A hook and rachet system then allows the load to be fixed anywhere on the trailer floor. Each curtainsider has a sliding roof, and the Mega Liner units have hydraulic lifting roofs. 

Zegocki  added: “The new fleet will be fully in place by mid-July. For their part, Krone has provided the best technical, operational and financial advice we could have wished for and of course, in our view, the best trailers to match our needs and those of our customers.”