Commercial Motor Awards 2018 shortlist: Bodywork Innovation of the Year

Commercial Motor Awards 2018

New for 2018, the Bodywork Innovation of the Year Award category seeks to recognise either a bespoke build or a new product line innovation from a manufacturer or bodybuilder supplying to commercial vehicle operators. The winner will be announced on 15 November at The Vox, Birmingham. Go to commercial to see the full shortlists for all categories, and to book tickets.

Johnston Sweepers
Johnston Sweepers believes it has designed the world’s first electrically powered truck-mounted sweeper. The VE651 - or eVie - fully electric machine is the result of a close working collaboration with Emoss in Holland, which has 20 years’ experience of converting chassis. It is ideally suited for municipal inner city use, producing zero exhaust and dust, and the only sound comes from the airflow and the brushes on the road surface. The VE651, fitted with two 22kW on-board chargers, can work around pedestrians without polluting the environment and can be recharged overnight at the depot. All the automotive functions of the sweeper are electrically powered, as well as the sweeper fan, brushes and Supawash system.

Neutral Steer
West Midlands-based operator John English developed the Neutral Steer product to rectify the problem of left drift, which affects some 6x2 twin-steer tractor units in the UK when cruising in a straight line. English, who had been investigating tyre wear on his vehicles for more than 10 years, found the simple addition of axle packing blocks - or in some cases a reverse fitment of the standard set-up - on the nearside to counteract the effect of road camber on the steering and tyres delivered great benefits regarding handling, tyre life, fuel consumption and straight-line stability. The system can also reduce driver fatigue incurred through constantly correcting to the right on long sections of motorway.

Rothdean is a family-run firm that has been in business since 1972 and understands the unique and specific requirements and operational needs of each of its customers. The company has a loyal customer base in the UK and worldwide, ranging from owner-drivers to blue chip companies, and aims to offer a comprehensive service. Following customer feedback, Rothdean has designed a high-capacity, heavy-duty, high-strength steel, step-frame tri-axle accordion bulk tipping trailer. It is designed with the scrap metal industry in mind and has a capacity of 60cu m. According to Rothdean, the step-frame accordion design is the first to enter the UK market.

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Hazardous materials changes at ATFs


Operators are now able to take HGVs laden with compressed hydrogen and liquefied argon for ADR testing at amber authorised testing facilities (ATFs).

The change came into effect on 1 September and is subject to satisfying product-specific health and safety conditions. ATFs will be able to accept 1049 compressed hydrogen if:

. the presenter has correctly completed a revised VTG15 form;
. all cylinders have been isolated and all pipework has been depressurised before inspection;
. system pressure is reduced to a maximum of 40 bar before inspection;
. the vehicle is leak tested within 24 hours of the test and certified leak-free on the VTG15 form; and
. the presenter provides a hydrogen detection monitor for the examiner to wear during the examination.

Amber ATFs will only be able to accept 1951 liquefied argon if the presenter provides an oxygen deprivation monitor for the examiner to wear during the examination.