Crossroads Truck and Bus supplies heavy haulier John Somerscales with two Volvo FH-540 6x4 tractor units

Crossroads Volvo

Immingham, Lincolnshire-based heavy transport specialist John Somerscales has taken delivery of two new high-specification Volvo FH-540 6x4 tractor units.

The 3,400mm wheelbase vehicles, supplied by Crossroads Truck and Bus in Stallingborough, are plated for operation at up to 150-tonnes gross combination weight under special types regulations. They include D13K 13-litre engines producing 540hp and I-Shift Crawler automated mechanical transmissions, with two low ratio gears and bespoke software.

There are also Globetrotter XL cabs, ten-tonne steel-suspended front axles and rear air-suspension with hub reduction tandem drive axles, while auxiliary braking is through a combination of Volvo Engine Brakes and gearbox retarders.

Also, the rear bogies come with the manufacturer’s Tandem Axle Lift, which enables the drive to the rearmost axle to be disengaged and lifted clear of the ground, reducing fuel consumption and tyre wear.

Company head John Somerscales, said: "We were looking for vehicles that have the capability of working up to 150-tonnes if required but are still capable of operating at lighter weights with reasonable operating costs.

“The combination of the I-Shift Crawler transmission and rear air suspension with Tandem Axle Lift meets this requirement; the truck has the power, gearing and traction for heavier work and the ability to turn the truck into a 6x2 when running empty, helps to reduce fuel consumption and other running costs."

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