DAF XF 530 6x2 tractor units - Used Deals of the Day

DAF Deal of the Day

These DAF XF 530 6x2 tractor units, from Motus Commercials in Peterborough, are CM’s used deals of the day. They have Super Space Cabs, and there’s a 67-, 18-, 68-, and a 19-plate to choose from.

The trucks have covered between 15,000 and 220,000km – small figures for 44 tonners considering some examples can cover up to a million kilometres before the end of their working lives.

All are finished in black, feature 12-speed manual transmissions, a sliding fifth wheel and mid-lift axles.

The cabs have been kitted out with double bunks, DAF’s Rustica interior trim, a fridge, and the manufacturer’s phone and navigation system.

For more information about these vehicles, including their price and MoT details, please get in touch with Motus.

Sheard Packaging's Range Ts provide improved mpg figures after fitment of Kuda's spoiler

KUDA Spoiler

Sheard Packaging has reported a 12% increase in mpg from its Renault Range T460s since fitting Kuda’s LaserEye roof mounted spoilers.

When the Renault hooks up to a trailer, LaserEye ensures that the top of the spoiler is flush with the trailer's roof. A laser is emitted which, when it hits the trailer’s roof, drops or raises the deflector accordingly.

Sheard Packaging’s transport manager, John Leonard, told CM: “LaserEye’s impact was noticeable straight away. The new trucks started averaging 9.6mpg in July when they arrived, as opposed to the 2014 units, which averaged 8.58mpg”.

The fully-automatic systems were fitted to Halifax-based Sheard’s Range Ts by the dealer, JDS Truck & Van, before they were delivered.

According to Kuda, LaserEye has the potential to provide companies with fuel savings of over 20% when installed alongside its iAM air management side skirts. The total cost of all this equipment is £1,500.

Leonard was keen to point out that the firm’s new units had only covered between 20,000 and 70,000km, so he’s expsecting bigger mpg averages after 12 months of ownership, when the units are run in: “After a year, I’m hopeful that the Renaults will start averaging 10 or so mpg, which would be amazing.”

Tim Vincent, Kuda’s commercial director, said: “LaserEye has been on the market for three years now, and 1,000s of hauliers big and small have it on their fleets. We supply it to dealers who can then fit it to their trucks, and operators can even fit them themselves if they’re that way inclined. ”

However, Sheard did experience teething problems. “Some of the deflectors would fail because rain water would get into the rams, leading to them failing. But, to be fair to Kuda, this was addressed straight away, and the service we received was great,” concluded Leonard.