A day in the life of….George Welch, Rygor third-year Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle technician apprentice, Salisbury

Rygor Commercials


What time does your day normally begin?

I get up at about 4.30am and start in the workshop at 6am. I do the 6am to 2pm shift; one I really like doing.


What type of customers do you normally provide servicing for?

I work mostly on vans, though I do work on trucks as well. I mainly work on the diagnoses of vehicles, as well as servicing, brakes and shock absorbers. I have started learning to do inspections on trucks as well as servicing.


How much of your day is spent in the workshop and how much on the road?

The majority of my time is spent in the workshop, as being an apprenticeship is really hands-on. However, I am sometimes out at training too.


How long have you been with the business?

I have been at Rygor for three years, starting with them as an apprentice.


What types of trucks/vans are you servicing at the moment?

I work on everything, from the Citan through to the Sprinter, and we also have the whole range of Mercedes-Benz trucks in the workshop. I am looking forward to working on the X-Class.


Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

It’s a really good programme here at Rygor. You are learning a trade, and it’s a lifelong skill. You get paid for undertaking an apprenticeship, and you are already in the workplace that you want a career in. It’s also a great team to be part of.

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