EM Rogers: Brexit has cost us £1m

Truck exporter and international haulier EM Rogers believes the Brexit vote has cost the company more than £1m in increased costs. Sales manager Shaun Boyson said: “It has probably cost us £1m on exchange rates alone, from fuel, tolls and other costs abroad.”

Boyson said the continued uncertainty around the UK’s exit is proving a massive problem in committing to work and has affected its plans to renew the fleet.

“We’ve got 10 trucks to replace, but don’t know where we will register them or use them. We’re lucky that we’ve got an office in Holland, so have a boot in both camps, but budgeting for the unknown is really difficult.”

Citing Switzerland as an example, Boyson said a permit system for vehicles could cause massive problems for the company’s transport operation. “If they were to introduce permits, we’ll probably want 50, but what if they only give us 10. We don’t know what any of this is going to entail.

Switzerland is a paperwork nightmare, but everywhere is going to be a Switzerland. We have to find a way for it to work, and we will, but laying on boats to cross the Channel is the least of our worries; clearing customs will be the problem.”