Flanagan Flooring adds its first Renault Trucks to fleet

Independent wholesale flooring distributor Flanagan Flooring has added ten new Renault trucks, the first from the French manufacturer, to its 30-strong fleet.

The eight Renault Trucks D18 Wide 4X2 R250s along with two Range T380 26T 6X2 rigids, have been supplied by Diamond Trucks and have been specified with fuel economy in mind. The T380 rigids have Optidriver AT 2412F gearboxes with a gearshifting strategy optimised for Fuel Eco along with optional extras including hydraulic power steering, 4-point cab air suspension with ride height control system, ECO cruise control with Optiroll and the FMS Gateway fleet management interface 3.0.

The D18 Wides have the Global cab with Optitronic 6AS 1000 automated gearbox. Extras on the 4x2s include Advanced Emergency Braking System, FMS Gateway fleet management interface, Optifleet Check, Optifleet Map, rear air suspension, adjustable roof deflector and external sun visor.

Gareth McCollum, head of operations, said: “The new Renault trucks were purchased as a combination of both replacements and additions to the existing fleet to provide a suitable footprint for increased capacity and to allow future business growth. We conducted a comparison with several of the other main manufacturers and, together with some industry recommendations, Renault Trucks came out on top.”

The bodybuilding was carried out by Drumack Coachwork and are bespooke 8.5m GRP bodies with a 2-tonne rated winch, Palfinger F1500 tuckaway tail lift and a bespoke track and rail system.

“Both the D and T ranges have the exterior appearance, cab capacity and finish we were looking for. The box work was completed to our own specification and the company colours and branding and we are extremely pleased with the results. The drivers are suitably impressed with the greatly improved cab space, comfort and finish, good driving performance, smooth gears, reactive braking system and excellent visibility,” added McCollum.

Sponsored: PLI and Scotts Fuels case study

With over 65 years’ experience in the oil industry, Scotts Fuels & Lubricants is a family-owned company offering customers in all market sectors throughout UK and Ireland a full portfolio of premium lubricants, greases, AdBlue and technical support at competitive prices so that customers can source all their requirements from one trusted source committed to quality and exacting standards.

Scotts Fuels & Lubricants delivers domestic, agricultural, marine and commercial deliveries of up to 35,000 litres from a company owned fleet of modern vehicles, and its lubricants business is one of the largest in Ireland supplying lubricants throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The Challenge

With over 65 years of steady growth and a strong offering in the domestic, agricultural , marine, industrial & quarrying markets, Scotts management team identified several new major business opportunities and realising the complexities of new specifications and emerging market trends, saw the importance of employing staff who understood the lubricants and fuel business - some who had worked for and been trained by some of the world’s largest oil companies. This resulted in having specialists in their field who could impart knowledge and provide technical back up with a problem solving attitude, instilling confidence with customers who are often reluctant to change without clearly defined benefits.  Backed by one of the worlds most recognised and respected brands for passenger car, commercial, industrial, plant and Agri lubricants, the relationship with PETRONAS Lubricants International has grown exponentially.

To be able to achieve such growth and meet ambitious targets, Scotts needed a supplier who understood how they worked and shared a similar vision and commitment to great customer service, which is not always the case with larger integrated oil companies who traditionally sell directly to end users or any number of stockists in the same geographical location. This only leads to mistrust and confusion with routes to market.

The solution
At the beginning of 2017, PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) formed a partnership with Scotts and has now become their number one supplier. Over the four years they have been working together, PLI has assisted Scotts with their expansion into the commercial vehicle market more broadly, and the industrial market specifically in Scotland.

This growth has been achieved through PLI investing in product lines that are distributor focused. PETRONAS may be one of the biggest global oil and lubricants brands, but the team of 20 UK-based employees means it has a local, people-first approach to business. PLI can react much quicker and be much more agile than larger brands, but still have the resources of a huge corporation behind it. This unique combination of maintaining a personalised approach while having the support of a larger team behind it means PLI can easily pivot the production of resources to best suit its distributors.

Their flexible approach to working with partners means PLI was able to put Scotts first and fill most of the gaps that were present in its existing offering. For example, when Scotts didn’t stock the lubricants necessary to supply a large OEM branded customer who required a global brand to ensure only the best lubricants are being used and had the necessary OEM approval PLI fast tracked its production, resulting in Scotts being able to gain bulk and packaged supply on time with a new Urania branded engine oil with additional supply of Tutela “hidden heroes” transmission and gear fluids.

The results
Since 2020 Scotts volumes of PLI branded oils have grown substantially and this growth has largely been a result of the expanding product portfolio PLI has to offer. Over the last couple of years PLI has put an increased focus on providing products that are distributor focused, an offering that has benefitted Scotts as it has enabled them to secure new contracts in new and existing markets with annual growth approaching 100% per annum.

The strength of their partnership has also enabled Scotts to grow outside their traditional NI and ROI markets into Scotland, where it is now PLIs sole Scottish distributor. It is in this market that both organisations are looking to expand into more industrial products, however, to be successful, a strong reputation for their industrial products is required. Unlike commercial vehicle lubricants where manufacturer specs can be labelled on the products, the success of industrial products is dependent on recommendations. Without a history of sales in the oil and gas industry, third parties will not risk damaging hugely expensive machinery for a marginal price difference. This means that when it comes to industrial products, quality and reputation comes before all else – these are attributes both Scotts and PLI can provide in their partnership.

Looking forward
Scotts has not yet achieved the market growth in England that it has throughout the Republic of Ireland and more recently in Scotland. PLI is hoping to strengthen its partnership with Scotts, specifically in relation to its industrial range, in order to continue to expand. Scotts have good stock levels & a fast & efficient delivery system to ensure you get your products when you need them.