Grundy Excavations get new DAFs from North West Trucks

Grundy Daf CF 8x4

North West Trucks has supplied specialist recycling company, Grundy & Co Excavations with its first ever DAF 8x4 tipper.

Two new DAF CF 450 eight-wheelers will be used at the company’s Widnes site and follows on from a loan of a demonstrator from the DAF dealer.

Grundy operates a mixed fleet across its transfer stations, waste disposal facilities, landfill sites and skip hire operation. The CFs have been specified with a heavy-duty steel body made by Marshalls Truck Bodies, and were chosen because of their low kerbweight which allowed the toughened body to be added without any loss of payload.

Owner Kevin Grundy said: “We’ve never had a DAF 8x4 before, but it’s fair to say we were very, very impressed. Impressed enough to order two of them, and we certainly haven’t been disappointed – far from it!”

Grundy also says that the fuel consumption of the new units is impressing both him and the drivers. Trips to the pumps are now less frequent, with refuelling needed only every two and a half days thanks to the 11mpg the trucks are achieving on motorway sections of work.

Grundy added: “You don’t need me to tell you that this is tough work – both for drivers and trucks. The two drivers on these DAFs had both had similar trucks, but previous DAF models in their work before they joined us, and they can’t believe the massive improvement in overall performance and cab comfort. It makes a big difference to a driver to have a truck that really can do the job without strain, because that allows them to focus on the rest of their work – driving safely, meeting schedules and getting the best performance out of the vehicle.”

Grundy operates its own workshops and will maintain and service the vehicles themselves but will use North West Trucks for warranty work and parts supplies.