Keltruck goes up in the world with Stertil Koni lifts

Keltruck Scania

Vehicle lifting equipment specialist Stertil Koni has supplied a set of ebright wireless type ST1075FWA-4 mobile column lifts to the Worksop branch of Scania dealer Keltruck.

The four mobile column lifts, each with a lifting capacity of 7.5 tonnes, can be used on a range of vehicles from small vans to triaxle double-deck trailers. A control system enables workshop staff to operate the columns individually, in pairs or in any other configuration from any column in the set.

Long-life, deep-cycle batteries power the lifts for at least a week on average before recharging is necessary and batteries can be charged overnight. In the two-pit workshop at the branch, where space is limited, the mobile column lifts help maximise the use of available space.

Duncan Edwards, depot manager at Keltruck Worksop, said: “When investigating the suitability of using vehicle lifts to support our workshop activities, we received excellent feedback from other Keltruck branches using Stertil Koni equipment.”

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