Mac's Truck counts down to Commercial Motor Awards with four nominations

Commercial Motor Awards 2018

​With the Commercial Motor Awards taking place on 15 November, CM caught up with Selena McDade-Smith, head of rental at Huddersfield-based dealership Mac’s Truck Rental & Leasing, nominated in four categories. 

  • You’ve been shortlisted for four Commercial Motor Awards. What do you think that says about the business?

    I’d say being shortlisted for so many categories demonstrates our commitment. We’ve been running now for over 45 years, and our Rental division has been up and running for 3 - over that time we’ve always been committed to providing the best for our customers, and we see these nominations as recognition of that.


  • One of those nominations is for Sales team of the Year. What does that say about the people who work at Mac’s?

    Many businesses will say that their people are their most valuable asset, but with us it’s true. In this industry you need in-depth knowledge of the trucks and how they operate to speak with customers confidently, and to be nominated for this award goes to show how technical our sales team are. In fact, our passion for trucks goes well beyond our sales team, there’s rarely a day where someone in the office doesn’t go outside into our yard to take a picture of the latest beauty to leave HQ.


  • You’ve been growing your rental business over the past few years, is the nomination for Rental, Leasing and Contract Hire Provider of the Year a vindication of that strategy?

    We knew that the market was shifting, which resulted in Mac’s Truck Rental being set up, and to see Selena and the rental team nominated alongside their Sales counterparts is incredible. The service our Rental team offers is outstanding, and seeing that side of the business flourish, even acquiring other rental businesses to grow their market share, is incredible.


  • If you win an award at The Vox Centre on the night of 15 November, how will the Mac’s team celebrate?

    Champers all around! Well, our table at least! It’ll be a real night for reflection on the brilliant businesses we have built over the years, so if both walk away with an award it’ll be a truly special night. 

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KJ Hudson Machinery Services has O-licence revoked due to effectively having no transport manager in place

Traffic commissioner Nick Denton


A company that knowingly operated for at least three years without a functioning transport manager has had its O-licence revoked.

In a written decision following a September public inquiry (PI) in Birmingham, West Midlands traffic commissioner (TC) Nick Denton said Godfrey Pritchard, who had been nominated on the licence of KJ Hudson Machinery Services, had “entirely failed to exercise the functions and responsibilities of a transport manager”.

The Cradley Heath-based firm had held a restricted O-licence, granted in 2005 and revoked in December 2014 following a PI into numerous prohibitions and fixed penalties it had incurred. 

KJ Hudson Machinery Services was granted a standard national goods vehicle O-licence for four vehicles and four trailers in January 2015, subject to an audit that was later carried out.

The DVSA stopped a vehicle operated by KJ Hudson Machinery Services on 5 February, and discovered a device fitted that disabled the AdBlue system. Sole director Kenneth Hudson said that he had bought the vehicle in April 2017 but not appreciated that it was illegal to operate a vehicle with an AdBlue pollution reduction system that had been switched off. He believed this was acceptable as long as the vehicle did not enter a low emission zone. 

When DVSA vehicle examiner Christopher Walker later visited the firm, he found a vehicle file for one truck unavailable for inspection, insufficient evidence of meaningful brake tests for vehicles and trailers and an ineffective driver defect reporting system.

The operator’s prohibition record at the end of July showed 18 prohibitions out of 40 encounters – almost double the national average. 

TC Denton said the company’s poor prohibition record seemed to be “a continuation of all the shortcomings of the previous restricted licence.”

Pritchard, named as transport manager on the O-licence until 15 February, did not have a contract with KJ Hudson Machinery Services and was never paid.

The TC said: “His continued presence as a name on the licence in effect allowed KJ Hudson to operate with the outward display of professional competence even though no one with the required qualifications was exercising any degree of management.” 

TC Denton said current transport manager Barry Hudson, appointed on 28 April, came across as more effective than Pritchard, but added: “He cannot, in my view, work 45 hours a week as a driver in addition to his work as a transport manager.

“For one thing that would take him over the maximum permitted weekly working hours; for another, the state of this licence and the level of compliance demand a much greater intensity of activity by a transport manager than might be the case for a compliant operator.”

In his decision, the TC:

  • Revoked the standard national O-licence held by K J Hudson Machinery Services from 17 November.
  • Disqualified transport manager Godfrey Pritchard with immediate effect and indefinitely. 
  • Disqualified Kenneth Hudson from holding an O-licence for a period of three years from 17 November and from being the director of any company holding or obtaining a licence.