MB dealer to offer new ADR/PetReg service in W Midlands

West Midlands Mercedes-Benz dealer Midlands Truck & Van will be offering a new dedicated hazardous goods vehicle repair and maintenance facility at its Smethwick branch in the New Year. A handpicked team of four technicians have been trained in maintaining ADR and PetReg vehicles as well as gaining certification to drive them.

The service will be available to operators of all makes of vehicle and trailers. It will operate out of a newly equipped dedicated bay in the dealership’s £7 million Cornwall Road site, which was opened at the end of 2020. The walled-off bay at the end of the building is designed to comply with the HSE’s Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations, and will include a 15 metre inspection pit and working at height facilities. Among the services will be the issuing of Safe Loading Passes allowing vehicles access to petroleum terminals. When open, it will operate round the clock from 0600 on Monday through to Saturday lunchtime.

The ADR/PetReg bay was designed into the building from the start. Midlands Truck & Van MD Steve Hunt said “We’d planned from the outset to establish a PetReg operation at Smethwick, and the bay was incorporated within the original design of the building. It was ‘mothballed’ initially, though, as our first priority was to focus on delivering the mainstream repair and maintenance support that our customers rely upon.”

Thermo King reveals its new AxlePower trailer

Thermo King revealed its new AxlePower energy recovery trailer refigeration system at Solutrans that has been created using’ BPW’s ePower axle.

AxlePower is a fully integrated energy recovery system for powering a cooling unit with onboard battery storage, creating an autonomously powered refrigerated trailer.

The system stores the energy generated while the vehicle is rolling or braking in a high voltage battery and reuses it to power the refrigeration unit and keep the cargo at optimal temperature.

The AxlePower system is completely independent of the tractor unit and is compatibility with all Thermo King and Frigoblock trailer refrigeration units.

Thermo King says it “delivers immediate and long-term sustainability benefits while also helping cut day-to-day operating costs”.

Also on display at the show as the new BPW-designed BAX 7.5 tonner built on an Isuzu chassis but using similar electric axles powered by two 50kW batteries.

It has a claimed three tonne payload and could be on sale in the UK by 2023.