Mercedes Work Ready covers new and Approved Used chassis

Mercedes-Benz has launched an off-the-shelf offering for its trucks to allow customers to get vehicles in a hurry. The WorkReady programme covers both rigid and tractor units and covers both new and Approved Used chassis. Trucks are available to customers “at very short notice” and can be put to work in some cases within days.

Units currently WorkReady include Actros StreamSpace and BigSpace tractor units, as well as 530hp Actros1 models with GigaSpace cabs. Rigid vehicles including the 8x4 Arocs are also available with Boweld and Thompsons tipping bodies. There’s also Thompsons tipper-grabs and Hyva hook-loaders – which can also be found in an 8x2 configuration on the scheme. Mercedes’ full range is represented by the programme with 26-tonne Antos and Actros models with box bodies, as well as 18-tonne Antos trucks. FUSOs will also be available at short notice with their range of Canters from 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes.
Speaking about the WorkReady programme, Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK marketing communications manager Ben Grayson said: “WorkReady is aimed at operators who, for any one of a multitude of reasons, may not have the time to acquire a vehicle in the conventional way. The process of ordering the base chassis from a dealer and then, when it arrives in the UK, waiting for one or more third-party suppliers to build the body and, potentially, add ancillaries or undertake further modifications, can take months. For some, that’s just not an option. If they’re faced with an urgent business requirement, WorkReady can provide the answer.” 
Approved Used trucks available through Mercedes will come in all manner of models, sizes and specification but will all be under seven years old and have less than 700,000km on the clock. 

Grayson added: “Most customers will continue to order their chassis from the factory, then get them built or converted by a bodybuilder, and one or more other parties. However, given the time these processes take, some operators will be better served by a WorkReady vehicle.”

Dutch haulier to drive on the right in the UK in Brexit protest

Nedcargo International today announces that it has instructed its drivers to drive on the right side of the road in the UK. Director Diederik Antvelink of Nedcargo is fed up with the way the British government handles the Brexit process. In protest, he has ordered Nedcargo drivers to drive in England on the right side of the road, as in the entire EU.

Antvelink says he will continue this action until British prime minister Theresa May gives him personal guarantees that Britain will orderly withdraw from the European Union or launch a new referendum.

Nedcargo is the first major transport company to take measures to put pressure on the British government. Antvelink expects that there will not be any chaos if his trucks drive on the right. “There are many traffic jams around the ferries and the Channel Tunnel anyway. We can even enter the country faster, because we drive around the traffic jams. We also do not encounter any customs controls on the emergency lane; they are on the other side of the road. "

Nedcargo acknowledges that road users in England and the UK will have to get used to it. But also his own drivers. "We have urged our drivers to honk a lot and to keep cool in dangerous situations."

Nedcargo has given its drivers special instructions on how to deal with angry road users. The company has hired a special road-conflict coach from Manchester. He has been practicing with the drivers during the past month.

"We do expect a problem in London," said Antvelink. “You have a lot of pedestrians there. That is why we will be running flashing lights in London. That is perfect, because then we also get more attention for our requirements. ”

Nedcargo hopes that other carriers will join this protest in order to get more attention for this problem, and Antvelink is appealing to tourists who go to England during the Easter and May holidays to also drive on the right.

Despite sympathy for this promotion and the goals, no other organization has yet joined the initiative. The branch organizations for transport and trade are also cautious. Nedcargo nevertheless insists on coordinated action by all trade associations to drive on the right in theUK.

Director Antvelink secretly hopes that if the action catches on, all traffic in England will drive on the right from 2020!