Renault Trucks repurposing used long-haul tractor units


Renault Trucks is repurposing second-hand tractor units, increasing their desirability while reducing its used truck stock.

The used truck factory, which is located at its factory in Lyon, is converting long-haul Premiums into heavy-duty tractors for the construction industry at the rate of 10 a week. The X-Road, as the finished truck is called, features heavy-duty steel suspension, improved ground clearance, a reinforced fifth wheel and construction tyres.

Visually they look more robust, thanks to the addition of a black steel bumper and new sun visor. Emmanuel Duperray, senior vice-president of used trucks at Renault Trucks, said 50% are sold into Europe, which is soon to include the UK.

The rest, he said, are downrated to Euro-3 and exported to parts of Africa and the Middle East “where they make a good alternative to Chinese trucks”. Next year the first Euro-6 truck will be converted to Euro-3.

“The Euro-3 conversions are done to manufacturer’s standards, and are fully certified,” he added. Although some are purchased on the open market, the bulk of the donor trucks are fleet buy-backs, including a large number of red ex-XPO vehicles.

Most are four- or five-year-old Premiums with between 250,000km and 450,000km on their clocks, but Renault Trucks has just converted its first Range T. A similar initiative sees the conversion of tractors into rigids. Instead of stretching them, the trucks are stripped and fitted with new rigid chassis.

These can also be specified in X-Road specification.“The main reason for opening the used truck factory was because we had a lot of trucks coming back, and wanted to increase demand and residual values,” said Duperray. “It is a success and we are adding 20% of value to the product.”

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