Ryder and Bridgestone continue partnership

Ryder has renewed its strategic partnership with tyre manufacturer Bridgestone that will allow continued operational and cost improvements.

The partnership began in 2013 and has helped customers reduce downtime because of worn-out tyres by 29%, lowered the number of tyres fitted during the five-year period by 11% – despite an increasing fleet size and reduced emergency callouts to Ryder’s independent tyre distributors network by 46%.

Response time for roadside callouts has also reduced from between 60 to 90 minutes in 2012 to an average of 60 minutes in 2018. A dedicated tyre team of 12 people from Ryder and Bridgestone develop joint-strategies, with a Bridgestone representative based at Ryder’s national breakdown service call centre. Every Ryder location also has a tyre responsible person who has received training on tyre husbandry.

Bridgestone commercial sales director Greg Ward said: “This extension means Ryder is one of our longest-standing fleet customers in the UK. We have a great product line that performs exceptionally well and we continue to provide solutions that make a tangible difference to the daily operations of Ryder’s customers. Meanwhile, the Bridgestone Partner Network reduces administration and operating costs, while improving efficiency and safety.”

Ryder procurement director Terry Dillon said: “We’re excited to continue our partnership with Bridgestone. Our mutual focus on improvement and our willingness to challenge and collaborate on solutions means customers will continue to benefit from industry-leading tyre husbandry and the improvements that brings.”

MC Rental adds more than 100 trucks to its rental fleet

MC Rental

MC Rental has added more than 100 new vehicles to its truck range with the hope of expanding its short-term rentals for customers in the municipal and construction industries.

The vehicles are a mixture of skips, hook-loaders, beavertails, tippers, tipper grabs and builders merchant vehicles from Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and DAF. They will be followed up with an additional order for more than 100 new units in the first six months of 2019.

Sales director Dave Hutchins said: “MC Rental’s proven expertise in supplying municipal and construction vehicles to customers through our long-term contract hire fleet has enabled us to expand our short-term rental fleet with an optimum range of similar vehicles.

“This investment in new chassis types has enabled us to supply this unique and complex market place with a range of specialised high-specification trucks that meet our customer’s short-term operational requirements.” 

“By offering a diverse range of municipal and construction vehicles on short-term rental, we believe this is a unique proposition for customers who have previously found it difficult to source such vehicles on a short-term basis.”

MC Rental has added tippers, beavertails, grab, hook and skip-loaders to its fleet this year, as well as waste specification tractor units and crane-mounted rigids. It operates more than 3,000 vehicles from 4x4s and vans, through to artics.

“MC Rental has expanded rapidly and over the past few years we have experienced an increase in demand for a wider range of trucks. The move to diversify into offering trucks for short-term hire for the building and construction industries for example has paid dividends as we have widened our customer base as a result.

“While we have had these types of trucks on our long-term hire fleet for a while, we have not had them available for our short-term hire fleet before,” said Hutchins.