Shoreham Auctions sets used electric van training course


Shoreham Vehicle Auctions (SVA) has launched the first used electric van training course for LCV dealer sales staff and fleet vendors.

The course - developed with the Energy Saving Trust - aims to help educate those involved in the used electric LCV market about the type of operator who would benefit from buying one, tactics on how to successfully sell them, as well as how they work.

SVA will be running bimonthly courses for groups of 10 people at its Shoreham boardroom from the summer to the end of the year.

Michael Simmons, SVA operations director, said: “Many vendors will find the courses useful. In the past they have been far too risk adverse about underwriting electric van residual values due to the uncertainty of the future used market.

“Leasing companies should now look at writing sensible residuals, which will help bring leasing costs down and fuel new van sales growth.”

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