South West Trucks & Van buys Aquila Swindon and Avonmouth

South West Truck & Van has purchased the business and assets of Aquila Truck Centres in Swindon and Avonmouth.

The agreement will see operations continue from the two former Aquila sites, while all employees have been transferred over to the new company.

South West Truck & Van has also been appointed as an Iveco main dealer across the region. Avonmouth will retain its Iveco Truck Station status, which identifies it as one of 250 specialised HGV service locations along the main transport corridors of Europe.

David Sims, dealer principal at South West Truck & Van said: “We see huge potential for the business and intend to be at the front of the queue pursuing new opportunities and opening new doors. Today’s Iveco product range is first class, particularly with the ability to offer fleets a choice between ultra-clean Euro-6 diesel or natural power trucks, plus the option of electric traction or 2020 RDE Ready models with the Daily.”

IVECO network director Adam Harris said: “South West Truck & Van impressed us with its vision for the business and we’re delighted to award it the full sales, service and parts franchise.”

Ten applications and decisions that caught our eye this week

Royal Mail


Royal Mail Group has been given the green light for 14 vehicles at a unit on the Stakehill Industrial Estate, Middleton, Manchester.

Matthew Thomas Logan has been granted authorisation for two vehicles and two trailers at the Sharp Freight International site, Sefton Street, Oldham.

SI&S Hastings can base 13 vehicles and 14 trailers at the North Lakes Business Park, Flusco, Penrith.

Maritime Transport can base 10 vehicles at The Oval, Walton House, Felixstowe.

AVS Cumbria Metals can station three vehicles and two trailers at a unit on the Risehow Industrial Estate, Flimby, Maryport.

Gilberts (Blackpool) has been given permission for six vehicles at Stanley House, Clifton Road, Blackpool.

Denholm UK Logistics has been given the go-ahead to base 30 vehicles and 40 trailers at the Multi User Warehouse, Regent Road, Port of Liverpool.

O&T Transport & Haulage can base two vehicles and two trailers at Morparts UK, Ditton Road, Widnes.

GA and Associates has been granted authorisation for two vehicles and two trailers at a unit on the Riverside Industrial Estate, Woolston, Warrington.

Expert Logistics can station 30 vehicles and 25 trailers at an operating centre on the Junction 19 Industrial Park, Green Lane, Heywood.