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Suspicious fire at used truck dealer Kris Motor Spares

St Helens-based used truck dealer Kris Motor Spares has had 17 trucks damaged in suspicious fires, says its director. Freelance reporter Chris Tindall chased down the story, and revealed that the director, Chuhermal Krishnani, will be ramping up security to prevent more incidents. Merseyside Fire & Rescue says on 19 October one truck caught alight initially before it spread to seven other vehicles with the heat damaging another nine trucks.

The tunnel, light, end of, at the...SMMT figures look encouraging

Light at the end of the tunnel for the used truck market as the latest figures released by the SMMT show recovery is underway. Alright, 29,351 registration (above 6.0 tonnes) so far in 2011 hardly calls for the Champagne to be opened but its 35.7% up on 2010. That alone is cause enough for used truck dealers to put the kettle on knowing that recovery in the new sales now will increase supply down the road. 

Tanner Electrics join Isuzu Truck (UK) network

Cardiff-based Tanner Electrics has joined the Isuzu Truck (UK) network as a parts and service dealerIsuzu truck UK has expanded its network by adding Tanner Electrics as a parts and service dealer.

Asda shop at Crossroads for Volvo trucks

Asda have officially shopped at Volvo Trucks' dealer Crossroads following an exhaustive assessment by the supermarket chain. Rumours they bought one and got one free are yet to be confirmed.