Euro-6 is coming, and it spells opportunity for the used market

Laurie Dealer knows it might not seem so important now but used truck dealers need to prepare for the Euro-6 backlash when new engine emission regulations arrive in 2013.

The deadline, 31 December 2013, is just 34 months away, as the crow flies, and hauliers fear Euro-6 is going to incur severe price hikes for the technology and worse fuel consumption. Euro-6 is going to drive a huge demand for Euro-5 trucks.

Hauliers will not want Euro-6 trucks, Laurie Dealer repeats, hauliers will not want Euro-6 trucks. Truck operators will want Euro-5. Plan now.

Trucks with the latest emission levels are already hitting the used market in some numbers but the lack of new sales over the past two years will intensify the hunt.

Finding ways to secure late-year, used Euro-5 stock in the next 18 months has to be the focus of both franchise and independent used truck dealers. There is money to be made...


Laurie Dealer's top tips:

Cement relationships: Get cosy with operators running Euro-5 today. Don't let any potential vehicle provider (haulier, rental or fellow dealer) slip through your fingers

Speculate to accumulate (1): Be willing to pay over the odds to get the vehicles in. Late-year is thin on the ground already but be willing to spend next year and beyond. Operators will be busy ordering new Euro-5 trucks themselves creating a surge in sales of new Euro-5s right through 2013, so 'paying over the odds' will be relative. Used values could well dip before they rise again

Speculate to accumulate (2): It might be worth turning to the transport solution market and sourcing new trucks for customers who might traditionally go down the used route. Even a small lease/hire operation will ensure guaranteed stock down the road

Demo fleet: Buy a handful of Euro-5 trucks and run a demo/stop-gap fleet to service existing customers who might want a vehicle today or for a week, or until their ordered one arrives. It creates a ready made source

Jobs a good un.


Cordwallis Group hits 40

It has been 40 years since the Cordwallis Group was started by father and son Roy and Ian Thomas, Laurie Dealer can reveal.

Cordwallis became multi-franchised with both Volkswagen and MAN in 1980 operating out of Maidenhead, today its one of the biggest dealers in their respective networks with four sites; Maidenhead as mentioned, Heathrow, Reading and Oxford.

Roy Thomas, who was the Mayor of Maidenhead 1966-1968, is one of three generations still involved in the business today, and brothers Ian and Simon Thomas are MDs of the Cordwallis Group.

Commenting on the four decades Ian Thomas says: "Forty years ago, the business was just a fraction of what it is now, but thanks to our long-term partnership with Volkswagen and MAN, and the dedication and hard work of all the staff that have worked at Cordwallis, we've had fantastic success.

"Even after 40 years, family is still at the heart of the business and we have found that customers really appreciate this in our attention to customer service and values. It has been a hugely rewarding forty years and we hope to continue that for another forty."

Accolades include: Van Centre of the Year 2003, Award of Excellence for Finance and Insurance 2008, and various successes with MAN including its 'Dealer of the Year' in 2002.

Congratulation on reaching middle age, Laurie Dealer wishes everyone at Cordwallis continued success.

Jobs a good un.

Last year covered a Cordwallis sales story when it sold four trucks to Lanz Group.