Euro VI will take time, say manufacturers

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) has welcomed the European Commission's latest plans for cleaner trucks, but warns that it will need time to develop the necessary technology. The EC will now send its proposals for the Euro-6 emission standard to the European Parliament for approval the timetable for implementation has yet to be decided.

Ivan Hodac, secretary general of the ACEA, says: "The EC has adopted the most stringent set of emission limits for Euro-6 and they will certainly be a technical challenge that will require substantial development effort and investment. Industry needs time to recoup investment in Euro-5 products and adequate lead-time before Euro-6 becomes mandatory."

The EU introduced the Euro-1 standard for trucks in 1991. Subsequent emission standards have consistently cut acceptable exhaust emissions which are now approaching zero, according to the ACEA. It points out that Euro-6 will cut nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions by 95% and 98% respectively compared with Euro-1. The ACEA represents 14 manufacturers including Daf, Daimler, Fiat(Iveco), MAN, Volkswagen and Volvo (including Renault Trucks).