Exporters provide more competition for UK buyers of older Euro-5 trucks

Exporters are buying early-registered Euro-5 trucks as the number of older trucks coming to market starts to dry up.

Charlie Wright, MD of Protruck Auctions, said traders who export overseas started 2013 looking at 04/05 trucks with manual gearboxes but are now bidding on 07/08 trucks with automated transmissions.

This was evident at a sale in December 2013 where Protruck put together 23 Daf XF105.460s from three sources. “These trucks are stronger on the money than at the start of the year,” he said.

The Dafs, part of a bigger sale, were 07, 08 and 58-plated trucks, and Wright admitted he was a little sceptical that the market could absorb them just ahead of Christmas, but they sold well.

“About 80% of them went for over their reserve,” he said, “and collectively made more than £250,000. Trucks from the finance house came with certain return conditions, which meant they had long MoTs, and were buffed and polished. Those trucks had more bidders for them, so preparing a de-fleeted truck for auction always makes a difference.”