Haulier in need: used truck sales opportunity

Calling all personnel employed in used truck sales, Laurie Dealer smells opportunity and publicity.

That's right, here is a guilt edged chance to help a haulier in need and get some publicity in doing so.

According to This is Staffordshire haulier Darren Hayton, owner of Cheadle-based Haytons Haulage, fears "his lorries will be forced off the road in a year's time if the situation does not improve".

He runs his fleet into the London Low Emission Zone (LLEZ), which will change to Euro-4 next January.

He says: "London switching to the Euro IV standard means that we will have to replace our lorries. We run nine lorries at the moment, most of them 52, 53 and 54-plates, and all of them fully owned by us.

"To comply with the new restrictions we will have to replace them with 56-plates. To buy second-hand lorries, which only just reach the standard to go into London, will cost up to £250,000.

"As we're just about breaking even as it is, we can't afford to pay that. The only other alternative is not going into London, but it accounts for about 80 per cent of our business at the moment."

Laurie Dealer presents the opportunity, now all you need to do is score.

Jobs a good un.


Hermes launches C2B service

Hermes has offered customers an alternative to using the Royal Mail, with the launch of a C2B (consumer-to-business) returns service.

Online retail customers can now arrange for a Hermes driver to collect their unwanted purchases from their doorstep or a nominated safe place on a specific day.

Retailers will benefit from an online tracking system to check when the goods will reach their returns departments.

The parcel carrier says the solution offers an alternative to using the Royal Mail1, where customers would have to travel to a Post Office or collection depot to return goods.

The new service comes just over a month after Jon Tobbell, commercial director of Hermes, told MT that the returns aspect of the home delivery process had been slow to develop in the courier sector (MT 14 February).

He says of the C2B product: "A flexible collection from home that can be arranged online removes much of the hassle often associated with returning purchases, while streamlining the overall returns process for the retailer."