Holiday… celebrate…holiday…we all need a holiday…

Like many others, I will be away next week on me holidays looking for some sunshine.

The first battle will be to ensure the office is suitably staffed, that nothing is sold cheaply, and that I remember to take the mobile phone with me, well, you never know.

Next stop will be Manchester Airport terminal 2, then it’s sunny Spain for sun, suntan lotion and the sunburn antidote Ello Vera. Mrs Dealer has packed 50 Shades of Doris Day, sounds like an autobiography, and several issues of Heat magazine to keep up the lives of a host of soap stars.

Me? I’ll have my usual reading material Commercial Motor, Motor Transport and Truck & Driver. Once I’ve exhausted that I’ll have some back up issues of HFM (Horticulture For Morons), Stale and Mouldy (a collectors magazine for lovers of aging bread) and Notable Bridges (a journal dedicated to the lives of Jeff and Beau).

On my return it will be September. My god, September! Where has the time gone? I mean, it’ll be Christmas soon, holy crackers, Christmas! Where has the time gone?

The Dealers, the story of ordinary used truck folk in 101 words. Episode two, Who’s Got Gas?

He kept his very well manicured finger on the ignition button but the portable gas powered heater showed no signs of lighting anything gas-like. It clicked heavily and rhythmically.

Outside it was two below. Frustration boiled to the surface. The Boss pulled his wax jacket close and peered out the door towards the 20ft container, which served as general storage.

“Trev, is there a gas bottle with gas in?” he yelled.

“No,” came a stoic reply. “This one’s empty.”

The Boss cursed heavily, glanced at his Rolex, and pondered opening times of local DIY stores. He blew hard onto his hands…

In the next episode, will anyone find warmth? Find out in the next episode of The Dealers, the story of ordinary used truck folk in a 101 words.

(The Dealers is an Road Transport Media Production, author and editor is Laurie Dealer – characters are fictional and not based on any living person, any likeness is coincidental)